Frontend Web Developer

Let's have you set up for the next big thing, learn and earn your software development certification.

Start Date

28th January 2023


12 weeks 10 hours / week

Application Deadline

27th January 2023


Program Fees N30,000

Relearn and stay ahead

MALhub Frontend Web Developer Program is a 12 week of comprehensive, expert-led, virtual training targeted at solving problems while leveraging technology. It comprises 3 stages where learners master the core partnership skills required to build scalable products, create teams to solve real problems from the ideation stage to the MVP stage and gain a deep insight into the tech workplace by working with fast-rising tech startups through

  • Community-Based Self Study
  • Mentorship
  • Team Formation
  • Live Project
  • Work Placement

Become a certified expert

With 12 intense weeks of on-campus training, you learn to think and build like professional software developers. You move from understanding programming fundamentals to launching full-stack web apps. You do all these while learning to solve everyday problems with constructive, well-written programs.

What you will learn:

  • Build websites with HTML, CSS & Javascript
  • Leverage more on Javascript libraries e.g React JS
  • Build a mobile responsive websites
  • Build mobile-friendly websites with Bootstrap
  • Version Control System and more

Lesson delivered through:

  • Community-Based Self Study
  • Mentorship
  • Team Formation
  • Live Project
  • Possible Placement
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    By the end of this course, you should be able to:

    • Build quality dynamic web applications with modern functionality
    • Master the tools that front-end developers use regularly
    • Build scalable projects
    • Inculcate best practice
    • You will also gain mentorship towards acing job interviews

    Programme Requirements:

    • Age 17 years and above
    • Willingness to commit to a 12-week learning programme
    • Proficiency in written and spoken English
    • Access to a laptop or desktop
    • NO prior coding experience required
    • The course fee is N30,000 after a 75% discount


    Become a Frontend Web Developer